About us

We Set the Standard

Since 1955, we have set the standard for gas-fired infrared heating equipment. We have extensive expertise in combustion appliance design and manufacture, and we provide exceptional design solutions for a wide variety of requirements.

Based in Warren, Michigan (U.S.), our headquarters also house our manufacturing space, including:

  • A dedicated press room unmatched in the industry
  • State-of-the art production facilities, including five production lines
  • A certified testing laboratory
  • And extensive training space

Our expertise

We Care About Your Project

Even with state-of-the-art production facilities, our true strength centers on our trusted, talented network of employees and representatives. Our team works with engineers, contractors and installers to develop efficient design plans for each application. That means customers get the best, most efficient products.

Give us a call

Leave an after-hours voicemail for customer service. We’ll return your call the next workday.

Helpful onlineresources

Make use of our AutoCAD and Revit product library and parts locator on our website.


Chat with our sales and engineering staff, who are well-versed in technical and application areas.


We Stay at the Forefront of Tomorrow’s Energy Technologies

We established the first certified onsite testing laboratory of any gas infrared heating equipment manufacturer. We conduct continuous research and development of the latest technological advancements in our ISO/IEC 17025-certified testing laboratory.

Our lab allows us to:

  • Test and design-certify new product lines
  • Conduct in-house product certification and reviews
  • Test the effects on certain materials exposed to infrared energy
  • Recreate field conditions that have posed problems
  • Test alternative venting and combustion air configurations
  • Evaluate marketplace products and solutions

Partner with us!

Consider us your partner, from concept to certification, for process burner application and manufacturing.